Saunderton - History

"This parish, anciently called Santesdone , Sauntresdene , and Sawterdon , is bounded, on the North, by Horsenden and Princes' Risborough; on the East, by Great and Little Hampden; on the South, by Bradenham; and on the West, by Bledlow and part of Oxfordshire; being comprised in a long narrow slip of land, on the verge of the Hundred and County, more than six miles in length, but not more than two furlongs in breadth; and computed to contain about two thousand acres, of which two hundred are woodland, and about one hundred common.

A small stream, rising near the Church, on the south, runs with so much rapidity, that it turns a paper-mill, and discharges itself into the Thames."
[ The History and Antiquities of the County of Buckingham, by George Lipscomb, 1847 ]


I have spent some time looking at the history of Saunderton, Buckinghamshire and the adjoining villages, with the intention of building an interactive website. However, I never seem to find the time and so I have decided to put some of what I have already found on this temporary webpage with the (vain?) hope that I will get round to the proper website later.

I therefore apologise in advance, but I hope that anyone who is interested in the area can at least see what I have and perhaps contribute anything they have found or may know.

I have checked with the Records Office and the producers of the maps and other images I have used, and they have given permission for me to reproduce them here. Obviously general copyright rules apply, and if you find an image that I have used without permission please let me know immediately.

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The Census

I have transcribed all the census returns from 1841 - 1901
and you will find files by AREA.

  1. Lockington: Lower paper mill (now Bledlow) and Lockington hamlet by Ilmer
  2. Frogmore: Frogmore Farm (Oddley Lane) and immediate area
  3. Church End: The Rectory, Church Farm and the Mill
  4. The Lee: Saunderton Lee and Lee Road
  5. The Grange: From Rose and Crown PH south to end of parish at Slough Lane
  6. Horsenden

The census enumerators were not always very accurate or helpful and I have made educated guesses about some of the houses and places.
The information I have listed is:



census place place surname forename relationship condition age occupation where born
where the enumerator gave one where I think the house was/is head, wife, servant etc married etc

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Parish history

Church of St Mary and St Nicholas [NEW]

Other information

An ecclesiastical census was carried out throughout England on 30 March 1851 to record the attendance at all places of worship. These returns are in the Buckinghamshire Record Office and have been published by the Buckinghamshire Record Society (vol 27). The returns for Saunderton showed the following numbers:

Church Attendance
St Nicholas & St Mary
34 - Morning General Congregation
16 - Morning Sunday Scholars
50 - Morning Total
Wesleyan Lower Saunderton Mill
25 - Morning Sunday Scholars

40 - Afternoon General Congregation

I think that the Chapel is still visible by the mill (which was Austin's Mill Bledlow) - there is a corrugated building there ,very similar to the chapel removed from Henton and now at the Chiltern Open Air Museum.


This is an extract from an article on Grange Farm and Richard Briginshaw click HERE for the complete article

Recorded on the first page of the Parish Register Book for 1739 in the handwriting of Dr Christopher Willoughby, Rectorof Saunderton from 13th September 1734 until his death in July 1745 at the ageof 47, it reads:

'The frost began on Christmas Day,the Sat Sun and Mon following, three thesharpest daies were ever known. WindN.E. The frost continued without any intermission till Sat the 16 of Feb when itbegan to thaw, but frose again all the next week till the Sunday following, whenit thawed again and frose for some daie after. No rain from the end of harvest till the 12 of April which lasted 3daies. Apl 20 it began to snow andcontinued 3 daies. Frost lasted atnights till the middle of May . On the 4 of the same month a good deal of rainand on July 30 a thunder-shower after that no rain till sometime in harvest'

Also in the Parish Registers arerecorded the population figures for Saunderton St Mary in1800:

'The return made to the Population Act 4 1 Geo 3d AD 1800 St Mary Saunderton.
Houses 25 Families 25 Males 105Females 88 Employed in Agriculture98 In Trade etc 32 Others 63 Total193'